Welcome to the Homepage of flagbot, the CTF team of VIS located at ETH Zürich. Here you can find announcements, blog posts and contact information.

We are always on the lookout for new members. If you are interested in joining, just drop by our weekly meetings, every Monday at 19:00, either in CAB H52 (on the same floor as the Food&Lab) or on Zoom 1. In the meetings we discuss old challenges, help out each other or sometimes also hold small lectures geared towards beginners. You can find the recordings of last year here, under material. There you will also see, up to which lecture we have made it thus far, in autumn semester 2021 :)

We would like to hear from both experienced CTF players and beginners alike! Those of you who are new to CTFs, do not feel intimidated because being good at CTFs is just an acquired skill. All it takes is time, practice and some hair-loss (due to you pulling your hair out on that one especially hard problem).

The only prerequisite to joining the team is a passion towards computer security. All the knowledge needed, you can acquire by regularly attending the team’s Monday meetings.

  1. Send us an email, at ctf at vis.ethz.ch, for the link. ↩︎

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