Babycrypt Challenge In this challenge, we’re given a stripped ELF 64-bit executable ‘bcry’ (redistributed in this repo) and ‘note.dat’: key: %key% text: test_test_test_test_test Encoded: 7685737a9f7895737a9f84857b769f7a657b769f78898378 key: %key% text: qwertyuiopasdfgh Encoded: 717785747885858d6f7e917364686776 key: %key% text: skIllaoInasJjklqo19akq9k13k45k69alq1 Encoded: 7393a992708d8fad708d83aa7273707d6f3939856b7d398bb53b8b34b573b6c5618e7135 key: %key% text: %flag% Encoded: 8185748f7b3b3a3565454584b8babbb8b441323ebc8b3a86b5899283b9c2c56d64388889b781 Note: in all three cases used one key It looks like the program they gave us was used to encode some text using the same key, including the flag.